16 Mar 2002 @ 2:29 PM 

As I mentioned last week, the Camp Xray Store is open for business. If you know someone who’s stuck down in Cuba playing prison guard, they may appreciate a commemorative shirt or trivet. Can’t get enough trivets.

And, when the next set of orders is complete, I’ll get my first-ever commission check from Cafepress. Woohoo!
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 16 Mar 2002 @ 1:35 PM 

There are good months and bad months. This is a good one.

  • I’m still married to a wonderful sexy woman who puts up with me with minimal complaint.
  • The boy is still as cute as ever, and proving to a smart little boy.
  • I’ve made record time on writing reports and such, despite two of the reviewers sucking up half of my alloted time just sitting on the documents.
  • The IRS check showed up at the same time as my bonus from work, which was just in time to help with the closing costs on the house.
  • As a friend needs some financial assistance to help with hospital costs, the VA finally comes through with the money they’ve owed me since October, which makes it easy to give away 2 grand without screwing up my own family.
  • Same day I drop the check in the mail to pay my Amex corporate card, I get the settlement from the company for that trip.
  • I’ve been told I may go to Hawaii on a business trip in August. Better than Omaha in February, you betcha!
    • That about sums it up. Go me!
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 16 Mar 2002 @ 12:28 PM 

Short piece about the recent Microsoft Vs. Lindows case. Lindows is being sued by MS to get them to stop using a name which could be “confused” with Windows. Is anyone so slow they would confuse Lindows and Windows?

Anyway, the judge said that there are serious questions about whether MS should have ever been granted a trademark on the GENERIC word Windows in the first place. Not like MS uses generic words for trademarked things elsewhere, like Word or Project… You’d think they could have seen this coming. Nobody is allowed to trademark the word “computer” why should MS be allowed to trademark “Windows”? Wouldn’t the obvious assumption then be that Anderson Windows has to pay MS a fee for use of the trademark on their glass products? heh
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Posted By: Gary
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