31 Aug 2008 @ 1:14 PM 

You may remember Guin, the gender-confused cat, from previous posts such as the one about the really large cat bed:

He was also convinced he was a dog, evicting Banshee from the dog bed at times:


He loved to hang out with his best friend, Leo:

Leo and his cat.JPG

And he even got a little rough with the dogs at times, since he was the king of his demesne, he thought:

Dogs and cat_5.jpgDogs and cat_6.jpg

Sadly, Guin is gone.  We’re not sure what happened to him, but he seemed to have not suffered any trauma. He was happily shredding the couch just two days ago, but this morning he was on the back porch.  As far as we can tell, he came home around sunrise this morning. Leo was so confused, he was wagging his tail and waiting for Guin to swat him with his claws, as they would so frequently play.  Kat’s heartbroken, of course.

He’s been lain to rest under a flagstone, by a shrub he enjoyed staring at in the back yard. You were a good kitty, Guin.

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 07 Aug 2008 @ 10:05 AM 

My mother tells me that, even as a child, I was not too enthusiastic about having pets of any kind. Naturally, I’m living with an animal nut. I’m pretty sure this is closer to “irony” than anything Alanis Morissette ever sang.

Wednesday, the Nature Center where Kat works was to provide animals and a presentation for over a hundred Girl Scouts for their day camp. Somehow, I was drafted to assist. I ended up educating myself about Australian animals to enough degree to fake ten minutes of Q&A(1), and then handled a ferret for the evening. And, there was that incident with the snake…

1 – Did you know that, while Australia has many snakes, New Zealand (closest neighbor for the geographically-challenged) has no snakes at all? That’s the most interesting thing I can come up with. Sorry.

Posted By: Gary
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