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Microsoft has told Japanese buyers of its Xbox video games that it will
repair or replace machines that scratch DVD and CD games, but the company
is not issuing a general recall of the devices. An Xbox marketing director
said about the problem, “This is a miniscule issue. The key point it that
this is not going to affect the Japan launch and it is not going to affect
the Europe launch.” Microsoft shipped 250,000 units to Japan, and sold
125,000 in the first three days after its January launch; in comparison,
Sony sold 720,000 PlayStation2 units within the first three days of product
launch two years ago. (Financial Times 7 Mar 2002)

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Posted By: Gary
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 08 Mar 2002 @ 7:18 AM 

I think this would have been very messy. Have you any idea the caliber of machine gun mounted on an A-10?

“About 100 to 200 al Qaeda ran out of the caves, probably thinking we were going to bomb them inside,” the official said. “We rolled in on them with A-10s” – attack planes designed for striking tank columns.

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Posted By: Gary
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