30 Mar 2002 @ 5:01 PM 

I’ve decided to not deign to answer those who purposely mangle their mother tongue online. No longer will I respond to anyone who asks me, “wat dew u lyke 2 yews 4 dat?” or any other inane crap. Typos are one thing, unfamiliarity with a language is another; purposely misspelling things just to be “kewl” is stupid, moronic, idiotic, and several other synonyms.

So, all you “leet” folks out there – piss off. I’m not going to answer your questions, except perhaps to tell you that you are not speaking any language I recognize. Phbt!
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Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 30 Mar 2002 @ 05:01 PM

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 30 Mar 2002 @ 4:40 PM 

Hey, you darned Canadians are upsetting with your scary demeanors. Check out her entry about those evil Canucks…

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Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 30 Mar 2002 @ 04:40 PM

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