14 Mar 2002 @ 10:40 AM 

I downloaded and installed Netscape 6.2.1 at work this morning. I can still use NS4.7 if I want to feel in pain, and IE-crippled edition is still around too. Now I can see my LiveJournal pages as they were intended, DIV tags and all. Woohoo!

Meanwhile, as I was checking some HTML pages I was editing at work, I noticed a cool feature of NS6 – acronym highlighting. As part of my efforts to improve “accessibility” to the web pages I make, I follow many of the Section 508 requirements and recommendations. One is to break out acronyms with the <acronym> tag. Cool feature, and screen readers can be set to voice them for people. However, they are invisible to the normal browser. Except NS6. Hover over an underlined acronym and BAM! A popup tooltip shows what that acronym means. Combine that with the support for alternate stylesheets, and NS6 is shaping up to be a pretty damned good browser, now that they’ve killed the showstopping bugs in version 6.0.

I think I’ll stick with Opera at home, though – I have grown accustomed to the MDI interface.
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Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 14 Mar 2002 @ 10:40 AM

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