03 Jan 2003 @ 7:54 AM 

Knowing that I had no travel scheduled for January (February I’m gone half the month or more), I planned a little gathering for friends on the 8th, to play silly games and talk, drink, watch TV, whatever.

After getting back from San Diego in December, I spent one day at home before beginning my vacation. I got back from that on the 1st, returned to work yesterday, and finished up the few tasks that were awaiting me. Past 3 in the afternoon, I was told that I need to make travel arrangements to go to DC on Monday. I’ll be attending a one-day meeting on Tuesday, flying back on Wednesday. Wednesday is what date, sports fans? That’s right – the 8th. So, I need to get things ready for the party this weekend, leave them in place while I fly to the frozen North, and then come back to entertain. Hope there are no plane delays on Wednesday. Oh, well – nobody has RSVPed that they’re coming anyhow.

Why is my house a mess if I’m never there, a reasonable person may ask. Well, when I get back from these trips, I drop my junk, do my laundry, pack my bags and leave. Straightening up a house that nobody will see for a week is not on my list of things to do. So, now I’ve got a month of dross to clean up. I did get all my bills paid, so that’s something anyway.

Anyone have a job in Tucson or Sierra Vista that doesn’t involve constant and unexpected travel?
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Posted By: Gary
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