03 Jun 2002 @ 9:33 AM 

I’m bored. When I’m bored I surf and read. Lately I’ve been reading various sites devoted to amateur authors (prose and verse). People, get over yourselves!

So many of these “writers” claim to be smart and yet they can’t even write complete sentences without misusing basic parts of English grammar. “Its” is a real word folks – it is the possessive of “it.” “It’s” is not a possessive, merely a contraction.

And seriously, if you’re that smart, you wouldn’t need to tell people – it would be self-evident. Tooting one’s own horn is a sign of low class, not a sign of intelligence or wit. Look at those who are considered some of the best minds of our time, whether in science or literature. Few of these bright lights felt any overwhelming desire to brag, in fact the majority would claim to be doing nothing special at all.

And the author photos! You would think every one of these people was Atlas. The world will move along quite well without you, thanks. If you are so deeply saddened by your life (especially at the ripe old age of 20 or so), do the world a favor and leave it sooner rather than later. If you can’t find joy in life, you would be better off not having one.

Finally, Robert Frost kicks ass, no matter what those silly post-modern hacks think!
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Posted By: Gary
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