11 Jun 2002 @ 9:23 PM 

While giving the boy a bath, I ask him to stand up and he says, “aye aye captain.” He watches entirely too much Spongebob Squarepants.

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 11 Jun 2002 @ 1:39 PM 

For those that want to know how my 3-week long business trip went…

It sucked

It took until the last day of a 3-week trip before they got permission to turn the damned machine on, then they spent the day scratching their heads because the POS didn’t work. They suspect a bad cable. For the want of a nail, the war was lost.

I’m sure the Special Forces guys will deploy this thing, regardless of the complete lack of proof that it works.

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 11 Jun 2002 @ 1:20 PM 

I noticed that very few of my friends are friends of Robont, so for the few of you that are, sorry to be redundant.

Billiam is infamous on LJ, and he “died” back in January as I recall. He’s alive again, and posting the usual hilariously bad shit. But, he is somewhat famous outside of LJ now. Yahoo Internet Life has an article about his first incarnation, before he was unmasked. I find him less entertaining now that I know for sure that he is a joke. The ambivalence before was kind of cool. Most times, I assumed he was a huge fiction, just playing with people. Other times, he seemed almost real. Now that we all know he’s a character, does that diminish the interest his posts hold? Does he no longer have hordes of nubile women sending him boobshots? These are the important questions of our time.
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