20 Jun 2002 @ 9:44 AM 

Overcome By Events…It’s a phrase one of my 8 bosses uses on occasion. I’ve realized, as I’ve slowly resumed writing a story I began in 1987, that every idea I had that was new and original when I put it on paper (ok, in bits) has been done by someone else.

Among those ideas:

  • Traffic Automation (done by DKM in The Long Run
  • Gyro-stabilized hovercars (done by DKM in Emerald Eyes)
  • Remote-control VR warfare (Haldeman in Forever Peace)
  • Major consensual fully immersive VR system (done by Stephenson in Snow Crash)
  • Artificial island used for nanotech research banned elsewhere (done by Egan in Distress)
  • Reverse auctions for durable goods (Priceline anyone?)
  • Paper-based books become rare (Stephenson – Diamond Age)
  • Commercial-skipping technology ubiquitous (Tivo and Replay)

It’s obvious – I have to write faster. Or maybe I can just sell my ideas to other people to use for their stories…
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Posted By: Gary
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