C2I2 sucks

OK, that’s it. I officially have the worst ISP ever. Their DNS servers seem to respond randomly. Now, the virtue.nu server is not found, but it was there this morning. I have a policy of supporting local ISPs, but I’ve never had one that SUCKED before.

Oh, Earthlink…

Yep, Earthlink works. Actually getting a 56k connection on it too, unlike C2i2’s “56k” lines which ran at 28k when they connected at all. Whew. Much better.

One thought on “C2I2 sucks

  1. dan miller

    I only found this by running a search “C2i2 sucks”….don’t know your current status on the web…but C2i2 is the absolute WORST ISP I have ever run across. Recently the changed their number and format, and didn’t bother to tell ANY of their customers that they did this. We had to find out word of mouth how to change our dialup to work with the new settings. When I confronted the office with this they gave me the lamest excuse ever and tried to blame it on Qwest…I’m not buying it. Since then I have had numerous problems with them. There is absolutely no reason these people need to be in business. They SUCK beyond belief. Please tell as many people as possible to avoid C2i2 like the PLAGUE!!!!!

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