19 Apr 2001 @ 10:14 PM 

So, here’s my thoughts on maturity and sexuality. Anyone who has let their children grow up to be teenagers, let me know if I’m in the right ballpark here.

When kids are little, they don’t understand sex and it is a non-issue to them.
As pre-teens, they know it’s something icky and don’t want to get involved, hiding their eyes during kissing scenes on TV and such.
As pubescents and throughout high school, sex is something they know is supposed to be the biggest deal in the world, but it’s all supposed to be secret knowledge. Anyone trying to be less than 100% reverent of all things regarding nudity and sexuality is automatically icky. Reverting back to being eight years old.
Between (varies by person) 17 and 24, sex is a great toy and one yearns for quantity and variety over quality. Relationships are secondary to physicality.
Around 25 or 30 (some of my friends ain’t there yet), human behavior is realized to be much greater than one particular facet, and then truly adult attitudes form about things in life, to include but not limited to sex and nudity etc.

So, how’s that? Seems to match my observations of people through life, and just a little inspired by the children populating the adult sections of LJ this week…
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 19 Apr 2001 @ 1:20 AM 

OK, I try to have a little fun (on a dare from my SO) on the NP community, and some jackass has to spend the greater part of her day harassing me for what she perceives as my physical defects. Why join a group that you think is (in her creative words) lame? Further, why bother engaging in a battle of wits when you are obviously unarmed? I just checked her LJ page, and it’s friends-only. Probably tired of the people she harangues jumping back on her. True cowardice…

This is just my first entree into the constantly waging battle between mean-spirited losers and the (thankfully much more numerous) loving free spirits seen on LJ way too frequently. Apparently there are a large number of people, all of them about 15 years old it seems, who don’t feel as if their day is complete unless they can abuse a random human that crosses their path. I’m astounded at the level of immaturity that people have, and yet they are just barely smart enough to run a computer. Amazing.

Anyway, I’m not gonna play over there anymore. I don’t want to stop getting email notifications of post responses in my journal and others, but I’m not going to subject myself to some little kid’s hyperactive attacks against me either. Maybe this little girl will find something else to amuse herself with soon, like illegal drugs or something. Ah, the idea of some snotnosed brat getting arrested and hauled off to prison sure does brighten up one’s day, doesn’t it?
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Posted By: Gary
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