Daily Archives: 2001.04.24


Why do so many people sound so unbelievably pretentious in their weblogs and homepages? Get over yourselves, people.

I suppose that this is all a common failing among the young, and most online folk tend to be youngish (sorry Rill). Stop trying to sound like the second coming of Yeats and just live a normal life.

Of course, that’s just my opinion, but I’m usually right. 🙂
current_mood: self-righteous

Style pitfalls

OK, that experiment didn’t work. Apparently, if I’m logged in, I see the different views of “People” vs. “Community”, but if I’m not logged in, then the “filter” shows everything. Grrr…

So, to protect innocent eyes (like any of them read my journal), I’ve stopped monitoring the naughty groups. You may now resume your perusal of my friends.