Anyone else noticed Microsoft sucks?

MSIE, although better than Netscape Navigator, is an infuriating piece of software.

Why, after 5 years, does IE still not support the progressive JPEG standard, yet proclaims itself to be a standards-compliant browser?
Why, every third web page or so (totally random that I can tell), does my font setting revert to “smaller”, a size I have never purposely set for any reason?
Why is Opera so much better and yet so much smaller a download? The absolute largest Opera download, including all bells and whistles such as email and ICQ messaging, tops out at 9 megs. The smallest MSIE download is about the same. Now, to get all the functions of Opera, you’ll have to download ICQ (3 megs) and an email program (anything but OE which is just a security hole – 3-5 megs).

Ah, the imponderables of the world. But, I’m sure MS didn’t abuse its monopoly power in any way. After all, the best product always wins, right?