23 Apr 2001 @ 11:52 PM 

I’ve noticed a rather disturbing trend at my new place of employment. There are a few men there who are disregarding proper urinal etiquette. We have 3 in a row, and a few times I’ve entered the restroom soon after another gentleman. He looks at the three possible options, and stops at the center one.

Now, all men know this is inappropriate behavior. For the women in the group, you must, when possible, leave an open urinal between you and any other man. You must not make eye contact, and you shall not speak while peeing. This is the law of the urinal.
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Posted By: Gary
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  1. Thou Shalt not speak
    It’s been a while since I posted about Urinal Etiquette, so I suppose it is time.

    My boss was in the restroom the other day when I w…

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