08 Jul 2004 @ 9:29 AM 

The O’Reilly Factor – Talking Points – The Most Liberal Ticket, Ever

The Bush administration has had a very tough time in Iraq. And the media is heavily weighted against them.

The media is weighted against Bush? Which media is that? Is it the media that refuses to ask him about reports that he paid for a girl’s abortion before they were legalized in the early 70s? Is it the media that doesn’t talk about the giant gaping holes in the explanations for most of his choices while in power? Is it the media that lets him get away with making some of the most egregiously nonsensical statements ever, because he’s a folksy guy? Which particular piece of the media is weighted against Bush?

I’m not saying that everything Bush does is bad (some would find plenty to support that hypothesis, though). I’m just amazed that Bill O’Reilly, one of the most-watched correspondents in the media, who is on the most-watched news channel in the media, can pretend that the media of which he is a huge part is anti-Bush. Hasn’t the “liberal media” myth been blown apart by now?

Posted By: Gary
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