Piggie Boy

As I was putting his lunch together Thursday morning, I noticed that the head of lettuce from Monday’s dinner was a tiny spike-like stump in the crisper.

What other five year-old sneaks lettuce to snack on? What a kid.

4 thoughts on “Piggie Boy

  1. lysa

    Are you sure HE’S eating it? Maybe he’s leaving it outside for some sort of furry friend he hasn’t told you about yet. 😉

  2. Gary Post author

    Oh, no – I’ve watched him inhale mass quantities. It’s odd, but how can any parent complain that their kid is eating too many veggies?

    “You put that carrot down this instant, young man! You finish your slab o’ beef before you get any more vegetables!”

  3. lysa

    Yeah, I guess that’s not really a complaint a parent should make. Marcella snacks on carrots and broccoli just because she likes them, so you know I’m not going to complain!

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