Music Piracy is Good for me

The new Depeche Mode comes out in less than two weeks. Naturally, I’ve had a copy on my hard drive for a couple days. Since I’m a big fan of Gahan et al, I’ll be buying the CD when it hits the shelves. Just in case the RIAA is reading, now I’m covered by fair use laws, in some alternate universe where the RIAA doesn’t get to launch random lawsuits like some kind of judicial shotgun blast. Anyway, different rant.

As with a few other albums in the past, the download of the music has made me even more sure that I’ll buy the CD. This is a great album. For those who didn’t like Exciter, this is a return to the old Depeche from the Black Celebration era. Very nice, and the first single, “Precious,” is by far the standout track on the disc.

I really love the woman who is countersuing the RIAA for racketeering – I liken it to extortion, but I suppose it’s the same RICO law set.

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