Daily Archives: 2005.10.16

Another Black Forest Cake

Althought the traditional Bavarian recipe I have been using for Black Forest Cake has always been a hit, this month’s Cuisine Magazine included an alternate recipe. So, that’s going to work tomorrow. Well, I’ll keep a piece or two home, but most of it goes to my coworkers – I don’t need that much chocolate.

This recipe omits the chocolate mousse and cream cheese frosting, replacing both with more layers of whipped cream and cherries. And, the cake is noticably moister than the European norm. Unfortunately, it has to set overnight so I can’t taste it, but it sure does look good. Mmmm… chocolate and cherries….


Tonight’s new meal attempt was teriyaki chicken, stirfried veggies and edamame rice. Everything was a hit, except for the edamame rice. Not only did Alex not particularly appreciate the soybeans, the rice vinegar-laced rice was also not loved. Ah, well. At least the teriyaki went over well. Tomorrow is an old favorite – cheese-stuffed manicotti. Mmmm…

Teacher Fired For His Beliefs

A parochial school teacher was fired for his beliefs. He believed in the religious doctrine he was teaching, just not in the jingoism that was supposed to accompany it. He was fired for not displaying an American flag in his classroom. Here’s a bit of his own explanation:

bq. The whole notion that loyalty to country is connected to one’s religious faith is totally bizarre and unjustified.