Daily Archives: 2005.10.09

Earthquake death toll rises to 30,000

Is it possible to even comprehend, on a personal level, what 30,000 dead means? Thirty thousand human beings, gone.

When I was 7, the town I lived in had 1000 residents – 30 of those towns are now erased from existence. When I was 12, the town I lived in had 300 residents – 100 of those towns are now gone.

When I went to see The Monsters of Rock in 1988, there were about 30,000 spectators in the stands – that entire stadium could be gone now, assuming that they were all from Kashmir.

Free Harvey Danger Album

Harvey Danger, the band which brought you “Flagpole Sitta,” has released their third album via BitTorrent as well as in stores. If you like the download, they’ve got Paypal set up for donations.

I seriously hope this is a succesful experiment for them. Any proof that bands can make more money bypassing the plastic-based distribution system (and the RIAA) would be a very Good Thing, in my opinion.

Air Show

After a few years of absence, there is once again an air show in San Angelo. Alex and I spent about four hours there today; I wanted to stay and watch the F-15, but Alex was getting cranky and hot, so off to the house we went. Or maybe he just couldn’t wait to play with his new airplanes that he conned me into getting at the show (yeah, gotta have souvenirs, right?)

The jet-powered pickup truck was probably the thing that most wowed the Boy, but the six-plane aerobatics team was pretty cool too. I got some good footage, so look for a video posting some time in the near future.

Time for a nap.