22 Sep 2003 @ 6:41 PM 

Continuing Gynocide’s Banned Book Meme
Bolded lines are books I’ve read.

The Top Most Frequently Challenged/Banned Books from 1990-2000.
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 22 Sep 2003 @ 2:26 PM 

Competing for the title of lowest-ranking Democratic candidate, Carol Moseley Braun formally launches 2004 presidential bid. People across the country responded by saying, “huh?”

Seriously, she’s only like one percentage point above Al Sharpton in the Democratic polls. If she’s pulling 3 percent of the Dem vote, that means she’s got about zero name recognition outside the party. Why would you go through the hassle of running for an office that you know there’s nearly no chance of your winning?

Posted By: Gary
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 22 Sep 2003 @ 2:23 PM 

Since Khalid Sheik Mohammed is talking now, we have discovered a shocking fact:

Mohammed said he communicated with al-Hazmi and al-Mihdhar while they were in the United States by using Internet chat software, the reports say.

Oh, great. Now they’re going to try to ban Yahoo Messenger as a tool of terrorism. I can see it now:

Geeks Jailed Under USA PATRIOT Act

Posted By: Gary
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 22 Sep 2003 @ 2:19 PM 

For a change of pace, let me agree with the President. For Senator Kennedy to accuse the President of bribing foreign governments is, in Bush’s words, “uncivil.”

Of course, you do wonder about the 8.5 billion dollar loan to Turkey, but it’s no excuse for being rude.

Posted By: Gary
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