18 Mar 2003 @ 7:18 AM 

I’m sure there will be many people debating the various points of the speech last night. I’ve only got two points to make:

  1. Nuclear – not only should you pronounce it correctly, you should not invoke the specter of nuclear weapons as a “one day” thing when we’re talking about this week.
  2. Hitler – As anyone involved in online debate knows, using Hitler as an analogy (even obliquely) is a sure way to remove any rational debate from a discussion. Bad form. The word “appeasement” is generally linked with the disastrous choice that Chamberlain made to let Hitler take a little so there would be “peace in our time.”
Posted By: Gary
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  1. lysa says:

    Yeah, it’s hard to take a man seriously who feels we should be afraid of “nukular terra”.

    As to the Hitler referrence, Rick and I enjoyed that one too. Only, Rick’s take on that was that it was highly ironic of Bush to liken Saddam to Hitler, when Bush’s actions are FAR more Hitler-like. Hitler declared war on anyone who didn’t believe as he did. Bush is declaring war on people who don’t believe as he does. Hitler enforced his ideals thru violence….Bush is enforcing his ideals thru violence. He ought to be more careful of the referrences he uses in his speeches.

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