21 Mar 2003 @ 9:30 PM 

the friday five

  1. If you had the chance to meet someone you’ve never met, past or present, who would it be? Isaac Asimov
  2. If you had to live in a different centurey, past or future, which would it be? Let’s say 22nd, so I’ll not be too lost.
  3. If you had to move anywhere else on Earth, where would it be? Rosarito, Baja California Norte
  4. If you had to be a fictional character, who would it be? Trent Castanaveras
  5. If you had to live with someone else’s face as your own for the rest of your life, whose would it be? John Cusack
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 21 Mar 2003 @ 1:52 PM 

Michael Tomasky writes, in the American Prospect, very clearly and concisely what so many of us (maybe the majority?) are thinking and saying. I hope that good comes of the current war, and that is not an unreasonably optimistic belief. But, we’ve sure stepped on a lot of toes getting there.
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 21 Mar 2003 @ 12:40 PM 

The answer, apparently, is ratings. All my coworkers are crowded around the lone TV in the office, watching CNN’s live coverage of the death and destruction.

Some things that cheer me, to some degree – the targets so far have all been military, not infrastructure. Also, we’ve only lost two US servicemembers to hostile fire and less than a dozen total so far.

Let’s get this over with and then follow through on our promise of humanitarian aid and infrastructure construction.

Posted By: Gary
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 21 Mar 2003 @ 8:12 AM 

Yet another person who seems to think that attacking Iraq is defending ourselves or taking revenge for the 9/11 attacks.

Repeat after me, “There were no Iraqis among the hijackers.”

Maybe you’d also like to remember, over half the hijackers were Saudis, but Saudi Arabia is our friend so it’s impolite to mention.

Posted By: Gary
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 21 Mar 2003 @ 7:53 AM 

This story, which is rather short on details (thankfully you may think), gives a quick reason for why anyone who is concerned with human rights and the suffering of innocent people should be involved in the current conflict.

I’m still not thrilled with the run-up to the war, and I think we’re going to be reaping the fruits of our ill-conceived methods of slapping our long-time friends around, but there are good reasons for going in. Resolution 688 is one.

Posted By: Gary
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 21 Mar 2003 @ 7:33 AM 

Another case of rural folks losing sight of reality. I know it’s not a Texas thing, but big cases like this don’t come up often. I’m sure many of those arrested were guilty. But what undercover cop is allowed to work with no backup or wire? What judge is happy to convict people with no evidence beyond a cop’s word? Not to mention that cop was not the most upstanding in the world anyhow.

Posted By: Gary
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