15 Mar 2003 @ 12:53 PM 

According to a Congressional panel, downloading a pirated MP3 or copy of Photoshop may be putting money in the hands of Al Qaeda. Yeah, right.

What are they smoking up there?

Posted By: Gary
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  1. lysa says:

    Interesting scare tactic. I’d be almost tempted to buy that if any money actually changed hands when we download music. Let’s see, the server is free, the software is free, the music is free….so let’s say Al Qaeda’s share is, oh, 20%, so 20% of 0.00 is…well, ZERO. Hmmm, nice try Congress.
    Now, let’s talk about that government conspiracy to keep Americans totally dependent on fossil fuels, which are purchased from countries which harbor terrorists….hmmmmm? Gassed up them fuel-guzzling SUV’s lately?

  2. AndySocial says:

    But, Rep. Wexler says that ripping a track off one of your own legally-purchased CDs and posting it on Kazaa is akin to paying Don Corleone to do it for you. You don’t believe him?

  3. lysa says:

    Um, no. 🙂
    Here’s an interesting thought. Let’s play pretend. In Rep. Wexler’s argument, which he doesn’t seem to see, the only real money that changed hands was from the consumer to the record company. So, if his theory is to hold water, we have to assume then that the RECORD COMPANY is funding terrorism. Now, as we all know how greedy the record companies are, that’s not terribly likely. And, if that WERE the case, then that makes a powerful argument for not ever buying another CD again. 😉

  4. AndySocial says:

    I think the basic problem that the good Congressmen don’t seem to grasp is that when we are sharing files on Kazaa and WinMX, we aren’t paying nor charging for this. So, who profits?

    The old adage about following the money is a good one. It’s awfully hard to justify a claim that anything which costs nothing is used to fund anything.

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