18 Jul 2001 @ 1:30 PM 

My job is so boring even I can’t stand to describe it. Let’s just summarize and say it involves creating documents based on other documents and an occasional test event. Primarily, though, it’s just sitting at a computer and editing things.

My coworker has been working on a monster document for the past 2 months, and the boss’s boss (B2) has edited it at least twice before, as well as the boss (B1) editing it several times as well.

Last week, the document made it to the tech editor finally. The tech editor spewed forth 15 pages of edits, including some surreal parenthetical comments apropos of nothing. Fifteen pages is considered “getting off light” with this fella (yes he’s Mensan), also referred to as “frustrated English professor”. After spending a day making the changes, coworker sends document off to B1 again. B1 now has some major heartache with it, and orders further changes to the changes to the revisions to the updates.

Gets to B2 late yesterday, back today from B2. Many, many more changes. A large number of the changes are things that the all-knowing master of time space and English had told coworker to change. Now, those items have changed back. Other changes involve sentences composed entirely by B2 in the first place, but now deemed unspeakably wrong.

Ever seen Falling Down? Very understandable movie some days…
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Posted By: Gary
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 18 Jul 2001 @ 6:12 AM 

Pooka! Hope you’re having a great day. 🙂

Posted By: Gary
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