Daily Archives: 2001.03.20

Death of another old friend

Following in the footsteps of so many corporate mergers online lately, the mighty Winfiles (nee Windows95.com) has ceased to be. It is an ex-site. After Cnet bought them out a long time back, they continued existing as a separate entity, but now they are gone, folded into the vast faceless, unfriendly Download.com site. Worse, the files that were indexed on Winfiles don’t seem to have migrated. I know my two tiny “desktop enhancement” products are no longer listed. Way to lose functionality.

Reminds me of the way Yahoo ate Four11 and reduced its usefulness a while back. Or when Yahoo ate Geocities and broke most of its functions for months on end. Or or or…

I’ve been online too long.
current_mood: wistful