Daily Archives: 2001.03.07

Job hunt sucks

Anyone have a way of making Jack of all trades, master of none sound good? Damned army has made it impossible to have job experience in anything that someone will pay me for, except to stay a spook. If I wanted to play spy, I’d have stayed in.

Meanwhile, I’m still looking for work that pays something more than “insulting” as a wage. Anyone? Anyone?
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Silly signs

Here is a great sign I happened upon recently: Pikahu PrisonPicacho Prison. hehe

Oh, and then there’s also EloiEloi (no Morlocks though).
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Think the MPAA will sue me?

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More site nonsense

OK, finally got around to finding something better than the old free UBB board I’ve been running. Say hello to my Ikonboard, a place for geeks to hang out and chat. Main boards are Linux, SIGINT, and Mayfair High School. Also a completely random forum, and if anyone wants a new one or wants me to host a discussion board for them on my site, let me know.

For some reason, the most popular page on my site is no longer Lianna’s XXmas, as it has been since January. Now, the most popular page is a review I did of the RioVolt. It’s a pretty cool toy, if you’ve not read it already. I didn’t realize how many folks read the MP3 forum.
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