25 Nov 2000 @ 3:27 PM 

I’ve had a couple conversations about the whole “she’s a 10” thing lately. Kind of odd, but I really don’t fit the stereotypical mold of “rating” women on a scale.

Can’t we just tell people we find them attractive, without having to compare them to previous people in our lives?

I have, however, spent a few hours playing on Am I hot or not lately.

And, when did the term “hook up” go from meaning meet to get some? It’s not right to redefine cliches on the fly like that…
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 25 Nov 2000 @ 2:43 PM 

Am I really unusual for not remembering most of my dreams?

It seems everyone else talks about what they did in a dream the previous night. I’ve remembered 3 dreams in the past year. And, one was just messed up, the other two romantic, but with two different women.

Oh, well, could be worse: could be sleepwalking. 🙂
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 25 Nov 2000 @ 12:20 PM 

Here’s a theory my friends and I have decided on…

If a woman has a tattoo in the small of her back (that’s just above the waist for you cretins), she is a freak. Who is going to see that tattoo except… well, you figure it out.

Naturally, this is in addition to the well-known theory of pierced nipples and navels on freaks. 🙂
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Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 25 Nov 2000 @ 12:20 PM

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