31 Oct 2000 @ 10:02 PM 

Two minor items: why do Americans pronounce Karaoke with a long E in the middle? It’s Kah-rah-Oh-kay, fellas. Not tough to figure it out, just pronounce it as it is spelled. Kinda like Tae Kwon Do ends up being Tie Kwon Do in the US. Why are we stupid? Where’d the I come from?

Second item: I have a basic problem with Karaoke besides its mispronunciation. I appreciate (some say revere) music way too much to consider karaoke to be anything but an abomination. Much like amateur poetry. Dreck is dreck, no matter how many beers I’ve had.

Well, off to sip sherry and feel superior. Night all.
current_music: Ministry – Every Day is Halloween
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 26 Oct 2000 @ 4:11 PM 

Thursday –

I don’t think it’s unreasonable to expect to get Pizza at Pizza Hut, do you?

Went to lunch at Pizza Hut today, not by my choice (I hate buffets). But, off to the Pizza Hut buffet we did hi. They open at 11:00am, for the lunch rush. We arrived at 11:03, ready for some pizza moshing action.

But, hark, there is no pizza on the buffet, only a salad. Hmm, says I, where might the flatbread with goodies be? Oh, not to worry, says the matron, we’re baking it up right now.

Well, since I can get a pizza delivered in 30 minutes or less, certainly it takes less than 30 minutes to make the ‘za, no? Apparently Texas time really does run slower than the rest of the world. After 20 minutes of breadsticks and soda, we wonder again if they knew that lunch had started.

Oh, the pizza is almost done, we are reassured yet again.


11:30, and a steaming mass of Italian food arrives at the buffet, with a large mass of massively large people elbowing to get some. Ziti? I was hoping for Pizza, not ziti!

Finally, at 11:33 (or so) the master of food brings out a circular object, placing it in the position of honor on the buffet steamtable. But, wait, that is not red sauce, it is some other shade. Argh, it is dessert pizza! How can you have pudding if you don’t eat your meat?

Now 11:35, the first tiny pie shows up at the buffet, followed by 20 people trying to get the 10 slices. Thin crust? Thin Crust? Why, thin crust pizza takes merely 10 minutes to bake! Why, oh, why, would Pizza Hut require 20 minutes more to make a pizza than I require at my own home?

Then the floodgates opened and, yea verily, unto us did come a multitude of pizza pies. But, I can’t help but wonder if the opening of the store at 11am was a surprise to the employees of said establishment. Naturally, it took 10 minutes to pay the damned bill, too.

Oh, yeah, I added a mini-bio to my homepage, for ease of finding my photos. Am I cool or what?

And, the obligatory screenshot du jour. I’ve returned to Windows as my primary OS for now. It isn’t because it works better or is more stable or even faster or prettier. It’s simply because employers are still focused on Windows products, so I need to get back into practice with those products. Sucks, but there ya go.

So, the standard full-size and smaller-size versions are available. Have fun.

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 22 Oct 2000 @ 4:13 PM 

Sunday –

Yep, feeling much better now. Went to an exceedingly loud club recently, bought real food, listening to less depressing music, and changed all my wallpaper.

Since some people come to this site just to see what my desktop looks like this week (Chip), here’s the latest. As usual, I’ve made a scaled version (800×600) to complement the full-sized version (1152×864) linked below.

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 20 Oct 2000 @ 11:32 AM 

it’s time to be what i need to be.
now i’m free.
now i’m free.
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 18 Oct 2000 @ 4:15 PM 

I’ve been making custom tapes and (lately) CDs for years. Here’s the
VAST – Free
Cake – I Will Survive
Buzzcocks – What Do I Get
The Cult – Love Removal Machine
Dramarama – Anything, Anything
Vertical Horizon – All Of You
Everclear – Hating You for Christmas
Oleander – Stupid
SR71 – Right Now
Incubus – Pardon Me
Stroke 9 – Letters
UPO – Godless
Robbie Williams – Rock DJ
The Soup Dragons – I’m Free
Doug E Fresh – The Show (Oh My God! remix)
LL Cool J – Going Back to Cali

Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 18 Oct 2000 @ 04:15 PM

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 17 Oct 2000 @ 4:16 PM 

Tuesday –

Just some thoughts that I wrote down while driving around this summer.

He was mesmerized by the dust devils, like miniature stationary tornadoes. There were two near the highway, one on each side. With the desert heat, he thought of them as entrances to the netherworld, coughing up a plume of dust rather than brimstone.

There are many cities in the desert that post their elevation rather than the population on the city limits sign. I can only assume this is because the altitude outstrips the populace to such a degree that it looks much more impressive to outsiders.

That was the great irony of it all: As soon as there was no reason to hide, there was nothing left to be hidden.

Surviving isn’t living; it’s merely the stubborness of biology running long after your reason to live has departed.

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 15 Oct 2000 @ 9:34 PM 

Hey, I got my first commission! Thanks, Shawn. Assuming I complete the job satisfactorily, I’ll have something else to add to my resume.

Only 106 days until I take off my uniform for the last time. Woohoo!
current_music: Waterboys – When Will We Be Married?
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 10 Oct 2000 @ 9:34 PM 

At first I was afraid.
I was petrified.
I kept thinking I could never live
Without you by my side.
But then I spent so many nights
Just thinking how you’d done me wrong.
I grew strong.
I learned how to get along.

It took all the strength I had
Just not to fall apart.
I’m trying hard to mend
The pieces of my broken heart.
And I spent oh so many nights
Just feeling sorry for myself.
I used to cry.
But now I hold my head up high.

I will survive.
As long as I know how to love
I know I’ll be alive.
I’ve got all my life to live.
I’ve got all my love to give.
I will survive.
I will survive.
current_music: Concrete Blonde – Everybody Knows
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 09 Oct 2000 @ 3:02 PM 

I think my scanner overheated. Way too many photos for a one-day project, I guess. 🙂
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 09 Oct 2000 @ 10:54 AM 

Scanning in photos from the previous 15 years. Do you realize how tedious this can be?

Who are these people, and why, if they were important enough to take pictures of, haven’t I kept in contact with them?
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 08 Oct 2000 @ 3:51 PM 

An old friend mentioned something recently. When I was in High School, almost everyone of my friends and acquaintances were into music of some kind. It was a significant thing in our lives.

Any notes we passed were laced with poignant lyrics. We identified people by what bands they listened to: the hiphop/funk kids, the metalheads, etc.

That doesn’t seem to be the same today. I encounter mainly 19-22 year old people in my job, and most don’t really have that same burning love of music that we did as kids.

Wonder where it went?
current_music: Everclear – Now That It’s Over
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Posted By: Gary
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 08 Oct 2000 @ 2:17 PM 

OK, so here’s some info on my recent trips around the country.

I went out to California in July, visited with an awesome girl in Arizona en route. Saw my newest nephew out in L.A., as well as a couple friends I’d not seen in a while.

Then, since I still had lots of leave days to burn, I took more time off in September. I went back to AZ to visit the wonderful girl mentioned above. Then, I went up to Minnesota to visit my sister and her family, as well as my mom.

I’ve not seen my sister’s oldest two kids since they were in diapers, so it was weird to meet a couple teenagers. All my sister’s children seem normal, but they’re still insane. Damn, how can she handle those hyper-active creatures all day long? 🙂

Now, after all this traveling, I’ve got to get back to the real-life issues of my impending separation from the Army. I can’t wait to get out, but it’s a little scary not having the safety net for a short while.
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 07 Oct 2000 @ 2:09 PM 

Due to choices made at a rather young age, I’ve never done some “normal” things that I’ve got to start thinking about now.

For example, I’ve never had to fill out a job application or resume. I’m 30 and now I have to.

I’ve gotta figure out this dating thing too. I don’t like that.
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 07 Oct 2000 @ 1:45 PM 

Just checking out this new system. Let’s see how this looks.
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 03 Oct 2000 @ 4:18 PM 

Tuesday –

Totally freeform today. Just felt like posting part of a story I’m working on, as well as some other random bits. To be multi-talented…

He normally felt a kiss after smoking was akin to licking an ashtray, but her mouth was sweet, with just a tinge of bitterness from the tar. He wanted nothing more than to hold her close and continue teasing her lips with his own.

She pulled him close so fast he knew she was feeling as much tension and anticipation as he was. Always agressive, she pulled his face up and kissed him, long and wet. Pushing away all doubts, especially that nagging Huxley quote, he responded quickly, pulling her up and falling to the bed together.

With as much teasing as either could stand, they pulled their clothes off and became more passionate. After several minutes, she was screaming while he was finally letting himself relax after so many years of tension.

"What do you mean, you don’t remember feeling that way?" he cried. "You said you loved me. You wanted me forever."

I should be moving on. But, I’m a sucker like I said, fucked up in the head. Maybe she just made a mistake, and I should give her a break. My heart’ll ache, either way. What the hell do you want me to say?

He drove out into the desert, marveling at the surreal landscape. Ocotillo and Joshua Trees conspired to make the view look like something out of Dr. Seuss, especially paired with the hot pink sunset. Always sunset.

Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 06 Jun 2004 @ 06:44 PM

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