The army has patches for every major unit, but the clipart collections that are out in the retail market only have some of them. Shoot, the 1st Cav patch in Corel Gallery is in greyscale! Like it would have taken any extra effort to slap in some yellow? Anyway, in my efforts to do many things in the army, including an awful lot of off-duty graphic design work, I’ve made a few patches and scrounged others together. So, click on a patch below to get the WMF file for it, or click here for the ZIP file containing all of them. The big image, by the way, is painted on my office door. No, I didn’t paint anything myself. I’m more a computer geek. 🙂


25th Infantry Division 2d Infantry Division 1st Cavalry Division 101st Airborne
INSCOM 201st MI Brigade 501st MI Brigade 500th MI Brigade
Special Forces Group Airborne Tab 504th MI Battalion Korean map with flags
Army Seal And, of course, there’s the Army seal, since the one that gets passed around the most has some Yen symbols in the middle of the words!

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