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Pooh Problems

This case illustrates much that is incredibly wrong with the current de facto permanent copyright nonsense. A.A. Milne’s granddaughter is trying to wrest control of her dear grandpa’s “intellectual property” from the House of Mouse.

Clare Milne, who was not born when her grandfather died, sought to use a 1976 copyright law to terminate the prior licensing agreement and recapture ownership of the copyright.

So, exactly how does Clare’s assumption of her grandfather’s copyright in any way create an incentive for dear dead Mr. Milne to create more Pooh stories? Those darned zombie authors sure are busy.

WinFS Dead Again

Ah, the most surprising news from Microsoft since removing PC Sync or removing EFI support came today. WinFS is dead. Really, this time. Previously, they removed WinFS from the Vista release, but promised it would be available separately soon after Vista was released in 2005.  Since the 2005 date for Vista has slipped to 2007, you’d think they’d have enough time to get WinFS working, but apparently not.

Windows Vista had three major innovations as of its original release announcement: WinFS, Avalon graphics engine, and a technology for communication between devices and applications. Since everyone realizes that the prettier graphics are just eye candy, we can throw that one out and say there were two innovations announced. One was thrown out years ago, so then we have the Indigo system as the sole remaining innovation in Vista, and it still is three years later than originally announced. At least we’ll have integrated DRM and Trusted Computing so that Hollywood can control our computers. yay

Tattoo Joke

From the comedian Jimmy Dore:

Tattoos that go across the top of the butt…The female ass needs no dressing up. If I’m back there, I’m happy. You don’t put bumper stickers on a Rolls Royce.

I am amused. Sure, I’m easily amused, but still.

Kick out the flags

Yet another attempt to get broadcast flags enshrined in law is coming up this week. Take action to stop them, please.

What is the problem with the broadcast flag and audio flag, you ask?  Simple – they don’t do anything worthwhile and are an obstruction to technological progress. If you’re a Republican, do you believe in more governmental regulation or do you believe in letting the market decide?  Well, broadcast flag legislation protects one business model to the exlusion of letting the market decide.  If you’re a Democrat, do you believe in the government bowing to the orders of large corporations?  Well, the broadcast flag legislation exists only because of the efforts of the entertainment industry, not due to any grassroots campaign from actual individual citizens.

All these flags and the PERFORM Act do is stop innovation. They make it so that the United States will remain the technology ghetto of the world.  We keep our recording devices at the same technological level as analog cassette tape in the 21st Century.  What the hell?  Read Engadget sometime – every day there is some new piece of audio or video gadgetry that will never arrive in the United States, because the Asians don’t have retarded laws protecting the RIAA and MPAA from competition.  It’s like we went back in time and killed the Ford automobile because buggy whip makers were pissed off.  Absurd now, isn’t it? Yet you know that the buggy whip makers were campaigning for just such a thing at the time. Why let the RIAA and MPAA tell you that you can’t record what you want on your stereo or television? Why let the recording industry control your electronics? Do your elected representatives represent you or Hollywood?


Is it strange that my random playlist generator created a list with “Crazy Bitch” and “You Can’t Fool Me” and “American Witch” in one hour?

Buckcherry’s Crazy Bitch rocks, by the way.

I can taste you on my lips
And smell you in my clothes
Cinnamon and sugary
And softly spoken lies

Erudition Quiz

True English Nerd
You scored 84 erudition!
Not only do you know your subjects from your objects and your definite from your indefinite articles, but you’ve got quite a handle on the literature and the history of the language as well. Huzzah, and well done! The English snobs of Boston salute you.

My test tracked 1 variable How you compared to other people your age and gender:

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You scored higher than 75% on erudition

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The Corruptibles

The Electronic Frontier Foundation has launched a new approach to consumer activism: The Corruptibles. The cartoon is pretty cool, and gives a reasonably simple overview of what the entertainment industry would like to have Congress give them. So far, the congresscritters have given them pretty much everything the industry has paid for wanted, so there’s a great deal of confidence that they’ll get everything else they’ve bought asked for as well.

I’m sure some people don’t care that their iPod only works with music they buy from Apple, and that Sony enjoys building virus-like rootkit hacking tools into music CDs, and the industry wanting to halt all technology at the level of analog cassette tapes, but maybe some of you realize that giving one business model special protection is a bad thing.

Only we can stop…The Corruptibles!


The Festival on the Concho has replaced the five years gone Fiesta del Concho, and it is a good replacement. For some reason, it was scheduled on the same weekend as the Fort Concho Frontier Day (formerly Days – go figure). Even with sharing crowds with the fort, though, the Festival was very well attended; I predict a return next year.

Alex and I went Friday night and Saturday. He got to spend a lot of time playing with squirt guns, bouncing in the infaltable houses, and we even hit the paddle boats for a while. Sausages in tortillas, fresh lemonade, all the usual carnival fare.

Now, a few days to recover.  Well, and work, but get real.

Joe Rogan – more than Fear Factor

If you don’t read Joe Rogan’s blog, you should. He’s got some entertaining experiences to share. The latest is a porn movie viewing. While this large group of people are watching a porno in a parking lot (only in L.A., folks), the star of the film arrives.

A car pulls into the parking lot, and the princess steps out and says hi to all her friends.

People applaud.

With her in the car, is a young guy. He looks like he’s in his early 20’s, and he doesn’t really seem like the type to be hanging around with a chick like her. Then I see his face when he looks up at the screen and sees the girl that he arrived with, and she’s got her legs behind her head like a contortionist while this rather rude gentleman is alternating shoving his cock in her ass, and then her mouth, over and over again.

Ass, mouth, ass, mouth, ass, mouth.

The guy is grunting like a gorilla, and every time he shoves it in her mouth, she’s making the otter noise.

The kid’s eyes are locked on the screen. He’s got this look in his eyes is like he really believes that his brain must be malfunctioning. Like he just can’t comprehend what he’s watching. Like as if he didn’t even know she was a porn star. His jaw drops.

After about 30 seconds of this kid standing in front of the screen, frozen in the hypnotic spell of ass, mouth, ass, mouth, ass, mouth… he turns to her asks her a question, and I hear her say, “I was gonna tell you.”


I was gonna tell you?

Suddenly, the party just exceeded my wildest expectations.

Go to BED, child!

What is with little kids thinking they must be missing out on something amazing when they go to bed but the adults (or in my case, adult) stay up?  The Boy used every delaying tactic in his arsenal tonight, after a really full day. He had to poop, he had to call mom, he had just five more minutes of the “Ed Edd and Eddy” episode to watch, he was starving and would perish in mere moments without more sustenance… Finally get him to bed 90 minutes past bed time, and he says, “I’m not even a little bit sleepy you know.”  Three minutes later – zzzzzzzzz.  Yeah, right, not even a little bit sleepy.

Yet more Vista Features lost

It’s been a couple months since Microsoft announced it was removing EFI boot capability from Windows Vista. Now, they’ve announced they’re removing a feature called PC Sync, which was meant to keep documents consistent between two or more computers. Yet another feature (dubious though it may be) that has been sacrificed to the almighty “Ship It By January” gods. At this rate, they’ll release Vista as XP Service Pack 3.

The Downfall of American Civilization

Congress just passed a bill to increase the maximum indecency fine by an order of magnitude. This is the same day they voted on the completely symbolic “we hate gays” amendment. Could the legislature possibly have actual work to do that could somehow assist the citizenry in any way? If not, maybe they should stay out of DC for a while, because they’re just wasting our tax dollars and causing more stupidity than we need.

Impossible Planet

Just finished watching the bootleg Doctor Who episode “Impossible Planet” (bootleg because it’s not available on this side of the Pond but I’ve already seen the episodes on SciFi Channel).  I find it peculiar that nobody on the Wikipedia site or elsewhere finds the appearance of the Ood to be at all Chthulhu-like. Seriously, how can you look at these guys and not say, “H.P. Lovecraft, your table is ready?”

Stupid Movie Tricks

As you can see from the latest listings from Google, we have (as of this writing) eight total movies playing in the city of San Angelo. The closest city, Abilene, is approximately 20 percent larger than San Angelo, and has two dozen movies playing today, in five theaters, including a drive-in (!). We, on the other hand, have one theater, consisting of 14 screens. On those 14 screens, 8 movies. Way to maximize the available resources. There are eighteen showings of X-Men, eleven of the Da Vinci Code, and ten of Over the Hedge. Shaggy Dog? Nope. Benchwarmers? Nope. Curious George? Been and gone.
Akeelah and the Bee? You must be joking. Hoot? They don’t give one. Thank You For Smoking? Not a chance.

In the past two years, we’ve lost two theatres, which combined had eleven screens. We’ve also lost any semblance of competition for cinema. Think the lack of competition has affected the attitude of our sole remaining movie house?