Monthly Archives: May 2006

Store Design

The local Circuit City, like all other “big box” stores in this town, is more of a “not so big box” store. They’ve been here for about a year now, but seem to be in a constant state of stocking the shelves as if for the first time. Today, I went to the store to try to touch a Sansa e200, which I will probably end up buying as a replacement for my broken Karma. I went to the part of the store marked “Portable Audio” – that was where I’d seen MP3 players in the past, and the name seems to be apropos. The aisles were filled with telephones and CD cases. OK, so where might the portable audio be? After several attempts, I finally found a salesperson who pointed out the sign hanging above the computer section, “iPods and MP3.” A new sign, it is literally a section carved out of the middle of the computer section. There are hard drives on the left and laptops on the right. What the hell?

And that Sansa e200? Not on display. Best Buy has one on display, but it’s broken. I hate this town some days.

Cats love hammocks

I have this cool folding hammock, which Alex insisted I set up in the den for him to lay on.  He never did.  But, the cat is now trying to figure out what manner of monster this is. She’s batting at it, making it swing, and then trying to determine whether she should jump on it or not.

Eventually, she determines that she’s better off on the bean bag.

Rerun Season

Gloom, despair and repeats on me. Deep dark reruns, excessive reality (shows). If it weren’t for Stargate, I’d have no shows at all. Gloom, despair and repeats on me.

Alex gets a billion new shows on Cartoon Network and Nickelodeon showing up on the DVR, while I get…a few episodes of That 70s Show that I missed years ago, and some old Stargate episodes. Hell, I can’t even count on Battlestar Galactica to make the summer “oh hell it’s hot” TV schedule better – it’s supposed to return in October. Thankfully the Dead Zone and 4400 are coming back soon, but what are they running, 10 or 12 episodes? *sigh*

San Angelo Pools

We have a municipal pool here in beautiful San Angelo Texas, which opens tomorrow for the season. The hours are 11am-6pm on Saturdays, 1-6pm on Sundays, and 1-7pm the rest of the week (for open swim, which is all I’d care about for Alex). The pool closes for the season on the 13th of August.  So, it’s open 10 weeks of the year.  In west Texas.  Where it got to 100 degrees in April.  Where we use the air conditioning well into October most years. WTF?

What do you expect for 3 bucks per day, right?  So, what about the local swim & racquet club? It costs over 500 bucks for membership the first year (400 the following years – what a bargain for you). Their pool opened today (a day earlier!), and stays open until the 4th of September (three more weeks!). For five hundred bucks, I want to be able to swim on Christmas freakin’ Day, folks. At least the swim club pool is open 10-9 five days a week, and 1-9 on Sunday (like many things in West Texas, it’s inexplicably closed on Mondays).

The only way to use a pool here for the period when someone would reasonably want a pool to beat the heat is to own your own.  I live in bizarro-world.

Relay for Life 2006

Check this out.  The middle-school kids from Wall beat the Army for the first year ever.  They not only ran a total of nearly 104 miles over the course of the night, they also got faster as the relay progressed. Of course, at the end of the event, those 7th grade students were walking like I do when I’m feeling extra old.  hehe

Laura Bush inside the Bubble

Apparently the First Lady is totally enveloped in the infamous Bush Bubble.

“I don’t really believe those polls. I travel around the country. I see people, I see their responses to my husband. I see their response to me,” she said.

Well, of course you don’t believe it. All the people you see around the country are hand-selected for their zeal. Does anyone in the Bush White House live in the “reality-based” world?

Food Experiments

For those keeping score at home, the following items are good, but time consuming:

  • Sweet-and-sour Chicken tapas
  • Glazed halves of cornish hens

The following items are good, and not too tough:

  • Grilled shrimp with mango salsa
  • Individual baked alaskas

And margaritas, beer, wine, cola, diet cola, iced water – always good things to have around.

And a dinner party down, with many dishes to clean.

BTW, the game “Battle of the Sexes” is rigged. The questions that only men are presumed to know are dead simple, while the questions that only women are presumed to know are so obscure even the women didn’t know them. WTF?

And now Cat has heard “The Doggie in the Window” – only took her 37 years. 🙂

Porter Goss

So Porter Goss resigned unexpectedly. Maybe it was to be expected, if he’s the person described as the “person who now holds a powerful intelligence post” who is also a former lawmaker, who just so happens to be one of the participants in that whole sex scandal. You remember the Poker Party story, right? C’mon, it’s only been a couple days! You don’t remember the sex scandal that was all over the news this week? Oh, right. It wasn’t all over the news. Of course, that darned liberal media kept it from you. Which is really amazing, considering that the only people implicated are Republicans, but that liberal media is wily. They must just be biding their time, waiting for the next thing they can attack the President with.

What I can’t figure out is why all this stuff keeps happening at the Watergate Hotel. You’d think people would stop going there, what with the whole “every scandal has a -gate” thing. They don’t even have to make a stupid “Plamegate” or “Iran-contragate” out of it – it actually is the Watergate!

Avoid License Hassles

Get legal. Get

It’s important to avoid licensing problems with potential illegal copies of Microsoft products. Billy Gates has acquired a company named AssetMetrix, which keeps track of your installed programs and snitches on you to the home office (Redmond?). The new version of Microsoft Office (2007, 2008, Vista, whatever) has a completely different interface than has ever been used before, and a new file format. Well, shoot – if you’re going to learn a new piece of software, why not the one that costs you bupkis?
There is no need to risk getting audited by the Business Software Alliance – just say NO to Microsoft.