08 Feb 2005 @ 4:46 PM 

At work today, one of my cow-orkers referred to Ellen Degenerate and the oh-so-amusing PIAPS(Pig in a pant suit) aka Senator Clinton, in the space of a few minutes. Why are the folks on the Right still feeling so marginalized that they lash out with such vitriol at the various people they believe personify the evil which is Liberalism? You know that a small cadre of pundits spends hours every day coming up with new slurs and epithets to hurl at the people of the Left, because the way that so many people suddenly come up with identical witticisms is a bit . . . hard to believe. I know the Ellen Degeneres slur came from Jerry Falwell, a man who is living in a glass house of his own. I presume the PIAPS moniker is from Rush (the drug abuser) or G Gordon Liddy (the convicted felon), but I’m not 100% certain of that.

Why does the GOP believe itself to be under siege? Why are Republicans convinced that they are the underdogs? They own a huge chunk of the American business landscape, and all three branches of the federal government. Hey, ya know what? When you run the country, you can stop pretending to be the minority. K? A’ight.

Posted By: Gary
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