07 Aug 2003 @ 5:15 PM 

Gourmet Cat Food is remarkably similar to MREs.

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 07 Aug 2003 @ 3:45 PM 

On occasion, as I have spent so many years in association with the military, I encounter people whose names make them obvious focii of humor. For example, there was the soldier with the last name of Sargent, who would one day become Sergeant Sargent (assuming he stuck around long enough). I met an Army O-3 named Minor – that’s Major Minor.

Today, as I was leaving work, there was a saucy little blonde Navy woman in front of me. As she was wearing that silly Naval uniform with the family name stitched above the rear pocket, I was amused to note that her last name is Creamer. Yes, that would be Seaman Creamer. That’s not quite as bad as the (possibly apocryphal) Seaman Swallow that I’ve heard about, but still a very unfortunate name for a junior Naval person to have.

Posted By: Gary
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 07 Aug 2003 @ 1:31 PM 

Stolen from PartyWhipple, who stole it from Janke…
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