13 Apr 2003 @ 9:33 PM 

President bush says that Syria ‘needs to cooperate’. Great, just what we need – escalation.

We never really finished the job in Afghanistan (leaving the majority of the country in a near-anarchy of warlord leadership is not a good finish to a war). We haven’t even stopped fighting in Iraq. And now, Bush starts threatening Syria?

Meanwhile, the DPRK wants to talk and nobody will listen to them. The North Koreans definitely have chemical and bio weapons, and are bragging about how they want to join the Nuclear Club. Won’t someone please give Kim Jong Il a little attention?

Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 13 Apr 2003 @ 09:33 PM

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  1. lysa says:

    Our president is a maniac….a friend of mine a while back, when Bush was first talking about war with Iraq, said to me “you’re witnessing the beginning of WWIII….aren’t you excited?” I’m starting to wonder if his comment didn’t have merit.

  2. AndySocial says:

    The cowboy epithet seems very apropos lately.

  3. lysa says:

    Yes, it truly does.
    I miss ol’ Bill….HE’D have paid attention to N. Korea, and contrary to limited popular belief, I don’t believe he’d have ignored retaliation for 9/11…he’d have just been more thorough in finishing off the Taliban, taken more care of Afganistan afterwards, and been a lot more cautious about declaring war on everyone else. But most importantly, he definately would have paid attention to N. Korea.

    Screw term limits….bring back Bill!!!!

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