12 Jun 2024 @ 8:13 PM 

The Fediverse continues to gain momentum, albeit slowly. Threads now let’s you auto-post from the Facebook app (seemingly not the Web site, though). More importantly, posts from Threads can be made available to read on the ActivityPub protocol. It’s publish-only so far, so no comments return to the parent post. Baby steps, I guess.

BlueSky keeps teasing federation plans, but what they’ve built so far is useless to normal people.

Meanwhile, the big ActivityPub instances continue to grow and develop new features.

I still have a difficult time breaking through the network effects on the new sites. I was never a Twitter user, so its self-immolation is mostly a spectator sport to me. But, none of the decentralized sites have anywhere near the critical mass of “people I know” yet.

So, I mostly still post on Facebook, and cross post shorter pieces to Mastodon, BlueSky, and Threads manually. Longer pieces tend to stay on Facebook alone, since the other three have character limits of about one or two paragraphs. Although Venera exists, since virtually nobody I know is using it, my account there is just a relay of what exists on other federated sites I actively post to.

How have you adapted to the new social media landscape, or have you not changed in the past two years of disruption?

Posted By: Gary
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