27 Apr 2009 @ 8:06 PM 

Last night, there was much rain and lightning and a bit of hail. When I left for work this morning, there was a surprising sight awaiting me.  Some moron had parked behind me.  This may not sound unusual if you happen to live in an apartment complex, but I have a driveway.  It’s not double-width or anything. I don’t live in a multi-family building.  It’s very strange.  This car was parallel-parked blocking about half of my driveway, and there were no other cars nearby.  How drunk or tired must you be to park across some stranger’s driveway?

Posted By: Gary
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  1. jeff says:

    I feel your pain. My wife and I live in an “artsy” neighborhood in an amazing area our city. Basically, many of our neighbors are young hippies who “go to art school” and don’t work, thus they party all day and night….
    Same situation, private drive at an OBVIOUS private house(nice and big)except in my case it is a recurring problem. Anyway, we’ve been fighting this for four years. In the height of it, I owned a 4WD F-250 with a turbodiesel and a winch. One night one of the punk kids(and I was only 26 at the time) had his Jeep parked there after I had asked him to leave a few times prior. I said, “I’m going to circle the block and if you don’t move the vehicle I’ll move it for you. He was DRUNK and flipped me off. I dragged his car out of the drive with the winch and that was it!! He could tell I meant business so nothing ever came of it. I also keep an NRA sticker on all of my vehicles to sort of give off the impression that they ought not to fool with their neighbor. You may think that is a little much, but my wife is an ER doctor who is on call at times and she needs to be able to leave at a moments notice. It has been an issue where she was prevented exit due to the punk kids parking there and passing out inside, not answering my door knocks, etc. I’ve gotten good at letting them know it isn’t ok.

    The police down here won’t do anything, and we sure don’t have Meter Maid’s. I’ve called them out and they said that I could tow, but I’d have to foot the bill initially and get reimbursed when they got it out of hock.

    Good luck from an embittered victim of inconsiderate neighbors!

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