22 Sep 2006 @ 10:13 PM 
Which Lovely Doctor Who Companion Are You Ashamed To Admit Your Crush On?

Looks as though you’ve got your heart set on the second Romana, as played by Lalla Ward! This tempting Time Lady conceals her inhuman cleverness behind a disarmingly enthusiastic and girlish demeanor. She’s an eclectic blonde who loves to travel and enjoy herself, and if you gaze too long into those summer-sky eyes, she’ll have you wrapped around her finger. Not that you’ll mind.
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Yeah, I can go along with that. I remember the Baker years.

Posted By: Gary
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 22 Sep 2006 @ 9:33 PM 

Penn & Teller have a show on Showtime called Bullshit, where they debunk various things which people believe.  I’ve got them on Netflix, and the first disk of season one is in my player now.  During their ripping of “alternative medicine,” they convinced some people in a mall to put snails on their faces as a means of reducing wrinkles and stress.  Ah, placebo effect!

I was going to link to a post someone had with a few dozen episodes of the show that were available on Google Video, but apparently the copyright police got to them. So, rent ’em if you want to see ’em (or get Showtime, but that seems a bit excessive).

Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 22 Sep 2006 @ 09:33 PM

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