Daily Archives: 2006.07.23

Five Years of Computer Time = ???

As I was clearing out old documents and files from my email attachment directory, I came across a receipt for a Micron computer, purchased in December of 2000. Understand, I never buy the top of the line, but usually something more reasonable.  This is what passed for reasonable in 2000:

AMD Athlon 1 Ghz CPU
128 MB of RAM
20 GB hard drive
8x CDRW drive
12-40x DVD-ROM drive
GeForce2 AGP card
Soundblaster Live Value edition
56k Modem
100 Mbps network card
MS Office Small Business edition
Oh, and I got a free Zip drive.  That was useful.

And all of that was a mere…1800 dollars and change. After shipping and tax, it was just over two grand.  And now that machine would make a dandy footrest. I was looking through the Sunday paper today and came across several laptops that have 2 Ghz procressors and a gig of memory and 100 gig hard drive and dual-layer DVD burners, for 800 bucks.  What a difference five years makes, eh?