11 Sep 2005 @ 12:22 PM 

Anti-TCPA Image

In case you don’t know why the “Trusted Computing” concept is an inherently bad one, please go view the short video that was recently pimped on BoingBoing. It explains a bit, and hopefully it’s enough to get people to look into it more.

Trusted Computing is not a new idea, and it’s been growing lately. It’s all part of the same RIAA/MPAA mindset, the one that says, “Consumers are crooks and must be controlled by the copyright holders at all costs.” The technology industry (well, Sony anyway) stood up for your rights against commercial interests over 20 years ago, and for that we have VCRs, and MP3 players, and burnable CDs, and TiVos and all the wonderful things that allow you to control your own media that you’ve legally purchased. Now, the technology industry has largely been purchased by or merged with the entertainment industry. So, who will stand up for the customer?

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 11 Sep 2005 @ 9:12 AM 

Proving that charities are infinitely more responsive than governmental organizations, the Red Cross is paying thousands of hotel bills for hurricane victims. If you haven’t donated to the Red Cross yet, do it.

Not only has the Red Cross been handing out thousands of debit cards, days before FEMA even considered them, they’re paying for people’s hotel bills, getting them out of shelters and on the path to normalcy.

Great quote:

“I have never seen anything with the government that is this simple.”

Posted By: Gary
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