18 May 2005 @ 6:51 AM 

Ferrett’s ruminations on comic books reminded me of the two longboxes I’ve got sitting in the closet. Most of what I bought was purchased because I liked the artwork or stories in them. A few were bought for possible collectibility (some Batmans of the late 80s and early 90s mainly). And then there’s the book I didn’t remember I’d bought.

I was a big fan of the miniseries “Black Orchid” – authored by the now-famous Neil Gaiman. After that run, he came out with a permanent series, and I purchased the first issue of that series, found it had pretty pathetic artwork, and never bought another one. Want to guess which Gaiman book I have? That’s right, sports fans, “Sandman” number one. The only Sandman I ever bought, and it’s a first edition of the first issue. If I’d known Gaiman was gonna be more famous than Eastman and Laird, I probably would have the first ten issues in nice polybags.

Posted By: Gary
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  1. The Ferrett says:

    You know what burns? I HAD Sandman #1. And I sold it for $15 because I thought that was as high as it was gonna get.

    I have the rest of the series, but gah. Ya know?

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