28 Feb 2001 @ 1:40 PM 

Those silly silly people running the music “industry” (like there are factories and stuff?) just can’t figure out how to not blow themselves up. Napster offered them 200 million dollars per year for the next 5 years, if the RIAA would just not try to destroy Napster, and maybe even try to play nice with them.

The RIAA, being the old greybeards they are, couldn’t bring themselves to approve such a scheme, so they’ll probably end up winning the court battle and shutting Napster down. Of course, since Fanning and Co. have a deal with BMG records, they’ll stick around as the front end for ONE record company’s electronic distribution system.

Meanwhile, the other companies in the RIAA are working on their own systems, which they’ll probably screw up royally. Anyone else remember the awesome Personics systems from the 80s? You could go to a record store kiosk, choose your personal favorite songs from the playlist, and have a cassette created with only music you wanted, with a nice laser-printed jacket and labels. The record companies made royalties, and the consumer got a product they truly wanted. Of course, the industry let that system die from lack of attention, and it was too late anyway, with the CD revolution in full swing.

This past week, the RIAA started going after OpenNap servers, which are equivalent to Napster, but without any company to sue. Next, I’m sure they’ll attempt to sue the users of Gnutella, who are individuals operating out of their own homes. This is basically the music companies suing their own customers. I wonder how they justify that business model.

Really should have made that deal with Napster, RIAA. It was the best chance of getting any money at all without suing your own customers. This should be an entertaining year.

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 28 Feb 2001 @ 1:21 PM 

Major reorganization of my website this week, hope it makes it look more professional, or at least easier to navigate.

Here’s some highlights: moved most of the graphics, Thoughts, Reviews, and Lianna’s XXmas Archive to subdirectories, to aid in the future growth of the site. This makes it easier for me (webgeek) to navigate my site when I’m building it. Naturally, this is going to confuse many search engines and other folks’ URL pointers, so I made redirects for the two most popular pages that got moved: Lianna and RioVolt. Speaking of which, if you link to my site, please don’t put that useless www string in front of the site name. It is merely andysocial.com, nothing further is needed and when added it just confuses my stats program. Thanks.

Let me know if I’ve screwed anything up terribly, or if you have a suggestion to make the site more appealing.

Lianna’s archive was removed, so I removed the URLs here as well.
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