21 Jan 2001 @ 5:36 PM 

Is it wrong to prefer the Tom Jones & Pretenders remake of Lust for Life over the original Iggy Pop version? I feel dirty…
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Posted By: Gary
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 19 Jan 2001 @ 9:23 PM 

OK, so I’ve been intensely busy with . . . um, ok . . .

Let’s be honest, I’ve been playing Diablo II alot. I’m not proud of it, but it’s true.
I am also terribly annoyed with the state of technical job hiring in this country. For some reason, jobs must be filled the very week they are vacated, or the sky will fall. How in the world can an industry survive like that? I’m available to start working the second week in February, but a firm in Tucson insists that I start 29 January or forget it. Um, I don’t completely control my release from the military, but is two weeks going to put the company into bankruptcy? If they’re so hot to hire me, how can 10 days be a deal-breaker?

I don’t get it.

Back to Diablo…
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Posted By: Gary
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 03 Jan 2001 @ 11:25 AM 

How cool is this ? Someone unknown and unnamed has placed a 9-foot steel monolith in a Seattle park. I love Seattle, they’re crazy there. 🙂
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Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 03 Jan 2001 @ 11:25 AM

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