Does Oedipus Dream of Electric Sheep?

Code 46 was the movie of the evening last night. I’m a pretty fair afficionado of future tales, and this one was not so good. I think the director was trying too hard to make the movie look like Bladerunner, and the writer was trying too hard to change the language of the future to some Spanarabichinglish goulash. When you notice the Spanish and Arabic and Chinese words too much, they aren’t really natural, are they?

Anyway, the story was decent, but Tim Robbins was doing his best Keanu Reeves impression throughout the film. I know he can emote better than that. What was really entertaining was watching the “making of” featurette and hearing them talk about how Robbins and Samantha Morton had such great chemistry together. Apparently they watched a different movie than I did. For an “idea” story, pretty good; for an engaging piece of cinema, mediocre.

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