18 Oct 2007 @ 12:03 PM 

Last week, the Nokia N800 tablet started dropping in price at various retailers, from its MSRP of $400 to a new normal of $240.  So, it’s hardly surprising that Nokia has announced the N810 this week.  The jump in specs is pretty impressive.  Not only did they add a built-in 2GB of storage, in addition to the 128MB of RAM they had in the N800, they’ve got a GPS receiver in that bad boy now.  And, of course, the big jump – a real keyboard.

My N770 is looking pretty “first generation” now, but considering that I don’t need the thing in the first place, I still don’t regret buying it when it went on clearance this summer.

In case you’re interested in comparing the three Nokia tablets that have been released, here ya go:

SPEC N770 N800 N810

800×480 16-bit 4.1″

CPU 250MHz TI1710 330MHz TI2420 400MHz TI2420
Usable RAM 64MB 128MB 128MB
Storage included  64MB RS-MMC 128MB Mini-SD 2GB non-removable
Expansion 1 RS-MMC slot 2 SDHC slots 1 Mini-SD slot
Camera None Retractable Fixed
Size 5.5×3.1×0.7 inches  5.67×2.95×0.51 inches  5×2.83×0.55 inches
Price at launch  $359 (Dec 2005) $399 (Feb 2007) $479 (Nov 2007)

Nokia also claims the screen is brighter than the N800, and there’s a built-in FM transmitter (according to one site anyway). The web browser is now Mozilla-based (instead of Opera) and handles AJAX, Flash 9, and all the rest of the Web 2.0 stuff. A Skype client is pre-installed instead of being an additional download.  The Gizmo client now handles video.

The N810 is coming out next month for $480, which is about what I could spend on a cheap laptop. As the Internet Tablet has always been a niche product, is the higher price going to kill it, or is the addition of GPS and a keyboard going to save it? If the battery really does last for four hours of use, as claimed, it’s going to beat most UMPCs for portability and battery life, so it may do well.

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