Playing with w.bloggar

While reading up on CivicSpace, I came across a reference to w.bloggar – a tool I used to update my site when it was a Movable Type blog, but was kind of frustrated by. It seems a lot more polished now, but I can’t help but wonder why I would use this external program to update my site, when I usually am using the “blog this” link on my browser to comment on something I’ve found online anyhow. Oh, and my plugins for LJ synchronization don’t show up in w.bloggar either.

Must ponder more.

Trackback Spam

Since comment spam has become a well-known problem with well-known solutions, I guess it was inevitable that a new scourge has arisen – Trackback Spam. This morning, I have received no less than a dozen trackbacks from online gambling sites. Since I use WordPress, the trackbacks get sent into the same queue as comments and nobody but me sees them. But I still have to clear them out manually. It’s about time I got a spam-killer plugin for this thing…


With the recent What Would Chthulhu Do sale, I’m 40 cents from getting a commission check from Cafepress. Since they raised the minimum from ten bucks to 25, I’ve received no checks. That’s about two years now. I actually got two checks in 2002, for a total of 28 bucks. Not exactly paying for any extravagant vacations, eh?

I’m still surprised that someone bought the WWCD shirt. It was a joke!

Weekend Update

This is your weekend update, with your anchor… Oh, never mind.

We’ll be gone this weekend, doing the “drive to the airport” thing which only people in the middle of nowhere Texas associate with a two-day ordeal of roads and hotels. The end result is that I won’t be online until Sunday afternoon. It’s shocking, I know – Gary away from the computer for over 24 hours; however will I survive?

I’m told I’m not supposed to eat Cool Ranch Doritoes and drink Mountain Dew all month while they’re gone. Sure, right. 🙂

LJ Reader Query

Now that I’ve settled into a decent WordPress and LJ combined posting system, there’s one more item to address. Those of you reading this via Livejournal, would you prefer to have the separate LJ commenting system as it is now, or would you prefer to jump into the main comment setup on my site (as demonstrated by the link at the end of each dual-posted item)? I’m flexible, but I know some of you are hidebound and anal. 🙂

Removing Movable Type

After I backup the Movable Type database to a flat text file, I’m going to nuke the MT database off the server, as well as the 20 megs of archived HTML. One big benefit of WordPress over MT: No redundant files. Every time I update the blog, MT rebuilds something that takes somewhere between 30 seconds and 10 minutes, depending on what it interacts with. The HTML that gets served up is prebuilt for the viewers, so that saves an SQL hit, but it incurs a lot more PHP time for each rebuild, so I think the space and time savings with WP will be better overall. We’ll see. Since I’m backing everything up, if I get a wild hair and want to go back to MT, I can. If I can get the LJ plugin to work in WP, I may not even look at switching away from the Open Source WordPress anyhow. Open Source is my friend.