17 Aug 2009 @ 6:52 PM 

As of this school year, Texas public schools will be required to teach the Bible. In public schools. After our illustrious Governor appointed the second creationist loon in a row to head the state Board of Education.

Why does the GOP want other people to laugh at Texas?

Posted By: Gary
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  1. Dasve Bunker says:

    Why, Gary, is teaching creation looney but evolution isn”t Hmmmm?
    It is interesting to me that the scientific community is starting to fold on the evolution theory…….

  2. Gary says:

    Dasve, is that the scientific community that is represented by Ray Comfort? If you talk to actual biologists, not so much with the “folding” thing. If you read Francis Collins’ book, you can easily find a very cogent discussion of reconciling religion with evolutionary theory. And remember, a scientific theory is a large body of established evidence which makes predictions and is generally considered to be a reasonable model of reality. It’s not a “wild guess” kind of theory.

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