07 Aug 2008 @ 10:55 AM 

In case anyone thinks the War on (some) Drugs is working or is in any way a boon to American peace and freedom, check out this story on the mayor of a DC-area town. The mayor and his mother-in-law were tied up, the family’s two dogs were just shot out-of-hand, and all this with not a single “no-knock” warrant issued. So, by the rules of the country we thought we lived in, the police should have knocked and asked the suspect to surrender so they could search the house.  Not even close to what happened.

Meanwhile, the entire thing is such an incredible cockup to begin with. The police say that it’s possible the mayor of the town was having 30 pounds of marijuana delivered to his door. Seriously. That’s not been ruled out, even though the police have arrested two other men who are implicated in a scheme to deliver marijuana to unsuspecting innocents, using the front porches of random strangers as drop points for passing drugs to other dealers. But the mayor may be a druggie. Right.

Meanwhile, Indianapolis has cops shaking down drug dealers for cash and drugs. Police in Atlanta are known to carry drugs in their patrol cars to plant on suspects, and shoot elderly women.

All of them, no doubt, acted responsibly.

Posted By: Gary
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 07 Aug 2008 @ 10:05 AM 

My mother tells me that, even as a child, I was not too enthusiastic about having pets of any kind. Naturally, I’m living with an animal nut. I’m pretty sure this is closer to “irony” than anything Alanis Morissette ever sang.

Wednesday, the Nature Center where Kat works was to provide animals and a presentation for over a hundred Girl Scouts for their day camp. Somehow, I was drafted to assist. I ended up educating myself about Australian animals to enough degree to fake ten minutes of Q&A(1), and then handled a ferret for the evening. And, there was that incident with the snake…

1 – Did you know that, while Australia has many snakes, New Zealand (closest neighbor for the geographically-challenged) has no snakes at all? That’s the most interesting thing I can come up with. Sorry.

Posted By: Gary
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 07 Aug 2008 @ 9:58 AM 

Dear coworkers who babble all too frequently near my desk: “nonplussed” actually does not mean the same as “unfazed” but um…the opposite.  Thank you, please drive through.

Posted By: Gary
Last Edit: 07 Aug 2008 @ 09:58 AM

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