25 Jul 2008 @ 7:20 AM 

I’ve been working on military bases for pretty much my entire adult life.  In that time, I’ve been continually amazed and astonished at the utter inanity of the bureaucratic ninnies who are allowed to run much of the daily workings of the government.  For instance, we have a proxy server which blocks access to web sites deemed inappropriate.  Which sites are inappropriate and why remains a guessing game, as they have misconfigured the blasted thing to show a useless error message.  There are locations in the “Access Denied” template to display exactly what category of evil you were trying to access, as well as the usual boilerplate about Big Brother watching you and he’s gonna getcha.

Today, I discovered that RealClimate is blocked. Exactly how is a climatology site objectionable? Of course, the propaganda information sites they do allow are equally interesting. There has never been a day that drug abuser Rush Limbaugh or felon G Gordon Liddy has been blocked, to my knowledge. Comedian Al Franken’s Senate campaign site – blocked. Air America was blocked, then allowed, then blocked, and now it’s allowed again I believe. For the longest time, Little Green Footballs was allowed, while DailyKos was blocked. Now, they’re both blocked.  I can get behind that – neither of those sites is official use, I’d wager. Drudge Report and WorldNutDaily – always accessible.  Slate’s Video News – blocked. Go figure.

Seriously, RealClimate? Frack.

Posted By: Gary
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  1. gizmo says:

    A prediction: Once Big Brother gets wind of your blog entry on this subject, your site will be blocked too (unless it already is). Have you inquired about who is doing the blocking?

  2. Rosanne says:

    The admins are probably getting instructions from a central location. These instructions change on a random basis. One day, they blocked Google – not iGoogle or Google mail, but plain old vanilla Google. It was unblocked a day or two later.

    Occasionally, they block Snopes. I can understand that perfectly. After all, it’s informative AND entertaining… and gives us ammunition to shoot down the chain mail we get from our supervisors.

  3. Gary says:

    You can also use Snopes to debunk pretty much every front page story in the Buffalo Gap newspaper. That’s depressing.

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