20 Sep 2007 @ 5:51 AM 

When the Republicans ran the Senate, they made a huge deal over not being able to put certain nominees for the Supreme Court and other appointments to a “up or down vote,” due to the threat of a filibuster from those evil Demoncrats.  The Dems, in typical spineless fashion, agreed to a “compromise” in which they agreed to not filibuster and the Republicans agreed to do whatever the hell they wanted to do.

Now, the Democrats are just barely in charge of the Senate, and they can’t get anything significant past the Republican filibuster machine.  Return habeas corpus?  Filibuster.   DC getting a Representative? Filibuster.  12 different spending bills?  Filibuster.  In fact, there are a record-setting number of threatened filibusters this month, with 56 cloture motions contrasted with 21 motions in the same period of 2005.

Why is this not a big story on the news?  In the GOP Senate, the cloture issue was brought up and the drum beaten loudly and frequently for all the 24-hour news networks to fill the airwaves.  Now, with arguably more important issues being blocked, it’s just considered business as usual.  I guess it’s true – marketers are all Republican.  These Democrats can’t seem to figure out how to get public support for anything.

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  1. Forsyth says:

    The media’s also all owned by big corporations, and which party do corporations like better? (Not ONLY, the Democrats are almost as bad with the corporate bullshit)

    Also, journalists are busy and lazy, and so like “narratives” especially when the politicans keep pushing them. So the Republicans kept talking about “obstructionist Democrats” and the Democrats have been too… something to highlight the Republican’s obstruction. I don’t know what the something is, honestly. Incompetence? Blackmail? Laziness? Stupidity? Lack of spine? I don’t know.

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