22 Nov 2005 @ 11:19 AM 

So there was a small poll of the Top 20 English-language geek novels since 1932. Let’s see how I did – I’m bolding the ones I’ve read, and italicizing those I own.

1. The HitchHiker’s Guide to the Galaxy — Douglas Adams
2. Nineteen Eighty-Four — George Orwell
3. Brave New World — Aldous Huxley
4. Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep? — Philip Dick
5. Neuromancer — William Gibson
6. Dune — Frank Herbert
7. I, Robot — Isaac Asimov
8. Foundation — Isaac Asimov
9. The Colour of Magic — Terry Pratchett
10. Microserfs — Douglas Coupland
11. Snow Crash — Neal Stephenson
12. Watchmen — Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons
13. Cryptonomicon — Neal Stephenson
14. Consider Phlebas — Iain M Banks
15. Stranger in a Strange Land — Robert Heinlein
16. The Man in the High Castle — Philip K Dick
17. American Gods — Neil Gaiman
18. The Diamond Age — Neal Stephenson
19. The Illuminatus! Trilogy — Robert Shea & Robert Anton Wilson
20. Trouble with Lichen – John Wyndham

I guess my geek cred is still intact, although the fact that I’ve not read Brave New World is somewhat shameful. It may be worse that there are a couple books (Lichen and Phlebas) that I’ve never even heard of before.

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  1. Lysa says:

    Dude, I guess I’m not a geek. I’ve only read maybe two of those. Dragon books were always much more my thing. I tried to read the Illuminatus Trilogy once at an enthusiastic boyfriend’s behest, but I never made it past the second chapter. :-/

  2. Gary says:

    You can’t stand R.A. Wilson? You are dead to me.

    David Brin’s Startide Rising series was always hyped as a great future history, brimming with wonderful details and yada yada yada. I have tried to read it several times, and each time I stop about one or two chapters in, thinking, “why am I torturing myself with this?”

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